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Trails on 4x4

ruta4x4Ancient Smugglers’ Trail
Bescaran route to the Pera Lakes
Dolmen Route

Mountain bike trails and bike tours by the Cadi-Moixeró Natural Park

bttTuixén Josa-Cadi-Neck-Jovell Cornellana-of-mill furnace furnace-Tuixen, 4 hours (Alt Urgell)
Bagà-Murcarols –Coll de Bena-Gisclareny – Coll de Turbians-Bagà, 4 hours (El Berguedà)
Cerdanya River- Serrat de les Esposes Refuge- Cortals de I Refuge, Inga-Sant Serri of Coborriu- Cerdanya River. 3 hours 30 mins (Cerdanya)

Sant Vicenç d'Estamariu Church (200 meters)

sanvivencWe advise not to leave town without visiting our impressive Romanesque church of Sant Vicenç d'Estamariu . A temple featuring a basilica plan with Romanesque paintings from the twelfth century. The only ones preserved in situ in the Alt Urgell.

It is a Romanesque church, next to the old cemetery on the road to Bescaran. It was a place of worship until after the civil war (1936-1939), where the offices for the dead took place, before its wooden cover sank (1950), one of its kind in all the region. The basilical plan of the chruch has three naves, town elders recall the midday nave and its apse to never been used.
The apse of the central nave is semicircular with three windows, decorated in the exterior with a frieze of Lombard arches. The north side apsidiole disappeared along with its nave. The southern apse offers, outwardly, a walled up window.

The arrangement of the elongated capstones, placed in uniform rows, is known among the people of the country as ‘lligada of gavatx '.

The construction of the church can be dated at the end of Xth Century or early Xith Century, when influences from Lombard forms are first seen in the architecture of our country. Surely the original construction solved the original cover with a semicircular barrel back over the central nave and turns of a quarter circle over the laterals naves. The destruction of the roof of the central nave gave way to a solution made of wood until 1950.

Part of the interior decoration of this church can be found at the Museu d'Art de Catalunya, where you can see the baldachin and an altarpiece painted by the called Estamariu Master, in the XIVth Century.

Diocesan Museum of La Seu

Cloister, Museum, Church of San Miguel, Cathedral

From June to September
Weekdays and Saturdays: 10-13h / 16 - 19h
Sundays: 10-13h

From October to May
Weekdays and Saturday: 10-13h / 16-18h
Sundays: 10-13h

Ask for:
Free audioguide service, available with deposit of identification. Service available in the Museum.

Individual: 3 Euros
Group (10 or more): 2.5 Euros
Schools: 1 Euro. Under 14 years: 0 Euros.

Diocesan Museum d'Urgell
25700 La Seu d'Urgell, Lleida-Espanya


setasWith the arrival of autumn in our forests are some strange, but attractive fruits show up: mushrooms!. Some are dangerous, but most of them, the most sought, are greatly appreciated.

Each year more of us go out to the mountain in search of those little treasures, some for the sake of collecting them while enjoying our forests and breath fresh air; others seek them for their undeniable gastronomic pleasure and even others for their cash value, of course.

The sprouting of mushrooms has a lot to do with the autumn weather, mainly rain (especially after a hot summer), so if it rains a bit, the fans of this "sport" will have a very good autumn .

Folk fests in Cava

Major holidays
Ansovell: The First fortnight of November
The Querforadat: The Second fortnight of August
"Aplec" of the Boscalt. One of the "aplecs" (pilgrimages) more popular and met of the Alt Urgell it is that of the Mare de Déu of the Boscalt, hermitage placed to little more than one Ansovell's kilometre, towards the Cadi. The holiday is celebrated the first week of September. In Boscalt, besides the magnificent landscape, they will be able to contemplate an enormous box, a copy Of more than two hundred years of life.

Folk fests in Estamariu

Major Festivals Estamariu: First fortnight of October
Fígols and Alinyà Major Festivals:
Alinyà: First fortnight of August
The Oak of Alinyà: First fortnight of August
Fígols: First fortnight of September
“Aplecs“ (pilgrimages) and traditions:
St. Pelaia: Granada Easter Saturday.
"Ball Pla" of Alinyà: First fortnight of August

Folk fests in Peramola

Major festivals
Nuncarga: First fortnight of September
Peramola: Second fortnight of August
Tragó: First fortnight of August
Aristot: First fortnight of September
Bar: First fortnight of August
Castellnou de Carcolze: Second fortnight of June
Pont de Bar: Second fortnight of July
Toloriu: First fortnight of August
“Aplecs“ (pilgrimages):
Castell-llebre: Second fortnight of April
“Ranxo" Carnival Tuesday
Pont de Bar

Folk fests in La Vansa y Fórnols

Major festivals
Adraén: First fortnight of November
Cornellana: Second fortnight of June
Fórnols: Second fortnight of November
Els Garrics: First fortnight of September
Ossera: Second fortnight of June
Sisquer: First fortnight of August
Sorribes: First fortnight of August
“Aplecs“ (pilgrimages):
St. Salvador (Adraén): First week of August
St. Marc in Fórnols : First week of May.

Andorra Shopping Center and Caldea Center (at 20 km)

andorraAndorra’s commercial tradition has worldwide fame thanks to more than 2,000 modern stores and shops offer high quality products at competitive prices, all available in a safe atmosphere and flexible schedules. Well if there are companies worldwide in the entire country, the majority are located on Andorra la Vella, Escaldes-Engordany and in Pas de la Casa. In Sant Julia de Loria you can find large shopping malls.

The household electronics and information technology, video and audio products, cameras, computers, and digital agendas are among the products you can find at lower prices in Andorra compared to Spain.

There are many companies worldwide in the Principality where you can find these products. Fashion, perfumes, jewels, music


Segre Olympic Park

Segre Olympic Park is located next to the monumental historical city center of La Seu d'Urgell (Lleida), Pyrenean city whose vitality is reflected in the numerous cultural and sporting events that are held annually.

The Parc del Segre has two kayaking channels, the calm water canal of 800 m long and the white water canal of 500 m long with a slope of 6.5 m and an adjustable flow rate from 5 to 15 m³/s.

For the comfort of its customers, the facilities are conveniently equipped with changing rooms, hot showers and personal gear cleaning facilities (suits, neoprene boots, life jackets, helmets, etc.).

With its dynamic design, the whole infrastructure of the park lends itself for intensive use, facilitating the grouping of participants by level (beginner, advanced, specialized ).

A ski lift system one of its kind in the world and a mini power plant regulates water flow, ensuring the activity throughout the year.

The set has an administrative building and services. Hangars for deposit or rental of boats, kayaks, canoes, rafts, open-kayaks, Hydrospeeds, etc.

In addition to water activities, the park offers a wide range of possibilities: mountain biking, sightseeing and walking tours led by qualified instructors. The Olympic Park design allows different groups such as schools, families, businesses, youth, ... undertake activities with different itineraries.


pescaThe Hotel is located 5 kilometers from the Segre River, ideal for trout fishing.

The fishing season on the river runs from February until October 31st. To fish you is mandatory the Catalan fishing license and the Preserve ticket, since the river is bounded by the Bassella-Oliana Fishing Society.

The Bassella-Oliana Preserve is closed on Wednesdays. That is why we alternatively suggest to this day enjoy fishing in the Organyà Preserve.

Another possibility is to go fishing at the Oliana Swamp, where you can fish all year. The required documentation is the same as to go fishing in the river, although Preserve tickets are different.

Folk fests in Bassella

Major Festivals
Ansovell: First fortnight of November
El Querforadat: Second fortnight of August
"Aplec" of Boscalt. One of the "aplecs" (pilgrimages) most popular and busiest of Alt Urgell is the one dedicated to the Virgin of the Boscalt, hermitage located just over a kilometer from Ansovell, toward the Cadi. The festival is held the first week of September. At Boscalt, additionally to the magnificent landscape, may allow a huge ‘boj’, an exceptional specimen of over two hundred years .

Folk fests in Josa i Tuixén

Major Festivals
Josa: First fortnight of September
Tuixén: second fortnight of September
Tuixén: second fortnight of October
St. Jaume: Second July fifteenth
Valley Fair: First fortnight of December

Folk fests in Montferrer and Castellbò

Major festivals
Aravell. First fortnight of May
Bellestar. Second fortnight of October
Castellbò. First fortnight of August
Guils del Cantó: Second fortnight of August
Montferrer. Second fortnight of August
Vilamitjana. Second fortnight of July
“Aplecs“ (pilgrimages) and traditions:
Mare de Deu de la Trobada: Easter Monday
St. Marc (Bellestar). Second fortnight of April
St. Joan de l’Erm. Second fortnight of June
St. Joan de l’Erm. Second fortnight of August
Since the year 1996, in Castellbò and Josa de Cadí, they celebrate the ‘Jornadas de los Refugios Cátaros’ (Cathar Refuges Conference). Conferences and round tables take place, but also tours, performances, theater and a medieval marketplace, with the representation of the play by Louis Racionero ‘Cercamón’, in the ruins of Costoja, set in the Middle Ages.
‘Jornadas de los Refugios Cátaros’: First fortnight of August

Folk fests in La Seu d'Urgell

Major festivals
La Seu d'Urgell. Last Sunday of August. A highlight during the festival is the "Ball Cerda", which takes place on the ‘Fiesta Mayor Sunday’ at noon.
Arts and traditions:
Calderada of St. Antoni. January 17. Among the traditions still alive in La Seu the "stew" of St. Antoni is worth mentioning, 4000 portions of “escudella" prepared by the local farmers are served.
The Altarpiece of St. Ermengol: It displayed annually at the Romanesque cloister of Catedral de la Seu.
Market: Every Tuesday and Saturday
Lardero in Castellciutat: Every Thrusday
Holy Friday Procession
"Caramelles." Easter Sunday
Joan Brudieu Music Festival: July and August
“Trobada" by Young accordionists of Alt Urgell. July


St. Ermengol.Fair
In the second fortnight of October is celebrated the hundred-year-old Fair of St. Ermengol, that includes the fair of artisan cheeses from the Pyrenees, where you can taste a wide variety of products brought from the Basque Country, Navarre, Aragon, Catalonia and France. There’s also the Nordic Ski Fair and a display of products native to the country.
Market: Tuesday and Saturdays.
The Market, which takes place every Tuesday and Saturday, attracts visitors from all the region of the Alt Urgell, Cerdanya and Andorra.
Both, the Fair and the market, have their origins in the Middle Ages.

Hiking Trails

caminatasAnsovell-Boscal Sanctuary-Ansovell, 50 minutes (Alt Urgell), Tuixen-Planells de Sastró-Tuixen, 1 hr 30 mins (Alt Urgell) Coll de Pal- La Tossa, 1 hour 30 mins going and 1 hour 15 mins. back (El Berguedà) Saldes-Castell de Saldes- Saldes, 50 mins (El Berguedà) Estana-Prat del Cadí, 1 hr going and 45 min back (La Cerdanya) Urus-Coll de Jou, 2 hrs 30 min going and 2 hrs back (La Cerdanya)

Golf (to 15 km) Aravell's Field

golfClub Arabell Golf Course is located 15 km from the Principality of Andorra and 5 km from La Seu d'Urgell, in a wide valley at 700m above sea level and with a breathtaking view of the Cadi Mountain Range. Its exceptional location and cool, dry microclimate allows golfing year round keeping the green in perfect condition.

18 Holes - Par 71
45 hectares of land
White bars: 6155 m, Yellow bars: 5872 m, Blue Bar: 5327 m, Red Bar: 4936 m

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